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Camarillo Chiropractor Delivers Pain Elimination Through Gentile Effective Techniques and Therapies

1200 Paseo Camarillo Suite 160
Camarillo, Ca 93010
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Here at Camarillo Holistic and Chiropractic Center, we are dedicated to providing you and your family with wellness and pain elimination in a natural, non-invasive way. We are a family chiropractic clinic that treats children and adults of all ages. We welcome the opportunity to provide you and your children with holistic care that will improve your overall wellness and pain management for personal injuries or chronic conditions. No one likes to be in pain. Our goal is to get you out of pain by getting to the cause as quickly as possible and getting you back on track.

Our services cover a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and complications, as well as other common conditions, such as allergies, depression, fatigue, nutritional counseling, and pediatric disorders attention disorders. Our goal is not to mask symptoms with medications and traditional medical treatments, but rather to address the cause of the problem in a holistic way.

Conditions Treated at Camarillo Holistic and Chiropractic Center Include Allergies, Depression, Fatigue, and Insomnia

Bioscan SRT (Stress Reduction Technology) 

Is a FDA cleared computerized device that quickly tests for hundreds of imbalances in the bodies electric biofield including the acupuncture system but much more. The interferences are measured quantified and then brought back into balance quickly and safely thus relieving the body of long term and acute stresses that lower vitality and the ability to heal. 

The American Medical Association AMA reports stress is the cause of 80 to 85 percent of all human illness and disease. A stressor is any chemical emotional or physical substance or factor that exceeds the body's ability to adapt and causes temporary or permanent harm. Internal and external stressors have been scientifically proven to contribute to many symptoms and illnesses including: 
.Musculo-Skeletal Disorders

.Sleep Disorders

.Frequent Colds

.Dependencies (smoking)

.Headaches/Migraines Weight Gain/Weight Loss

.Digestive issue (IBS/acid reflux)

.Arthritis .Skin Irritations (psoriasis/eczema)

.Allergies .Depression

.Heart and Organ Disease

.Anxiety .Fatigue 

The SRT can safely, effectively, quickly and inexpensively identify those substances causing stress on the body. It then balances your body's response so that future exposure to those substances no longer cause a stress reaction. Reduce physical, chemical and emotional stressors, thus relieving one of a lifetime of suffering. 
Most patients require on an average of 5 to 7 visits and in most cases the corrections are permanent.

"I have cared for my family for 39 years in a totally natural and drugless way. Be apart of our family and let us care for you because we treat patients like family"

Approximately 20 percent of all Americans suffer from some type of allergy symptoms. Those individuals could benefit from a visit to our clinic. Chiropractic services are not just beneficial for the health of your neck and back, but can also help improve the health of the nervous system, which is directly correlated to the body's immune system. Since allergies are an holistic chiropractorimmune system disorder, regular chiropractic care may help treat current allergies, as well as prevent the onset of future allergies without the use of medication. Our Camarillo chiropractor can adjust the spine to remove pressure on the body's nervous system, which could ultimately affect the body's immune system

Our office also offers assistance to individuals suffering from chronic fatigue, which is often caused by insomnia. Many people contribute insomnia to stress or a worn-out mattress, only to find that after a few chiropractic adjustments, better bodily alignment reduces the restlessness and back pain that once caused their sleep deprivation. There are many secondary benefits to getting better sleep as well, including increased energy and lower rates of depression.

Camarillo chiropractor Dr. Aylor, DC is also experienced in providing pediatric chiropractic care, which may help children become more productive in school and develop better learning habits. Specifically, children suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and autism may benefit from improvement in the body's nervous system, which is directly related to motor skills and learning capabilities.

In addition to these specific conditions, many of our patients visit us because they are experiencing pain in the muscles, joints, or spine. Whether due to an injury in an auto accident or from poor posture at a desk job, the symptoms that present themselves can be very uncomfortable. Our Camarillo chiropractor provides pain management through gentle manipulation of the spine and neck, which promotes proper alignment and helps improve subluxation.

With regular adjustments as recommended by Dr. Aylor DC, the body can begin to heal itself from the inside out, eventually eliminating the need for pain management medications. Once injuries are resolved within the body, ongoing chiropractic wellness care is recommended to maintain the body's health and also help prevent against future injuries.