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Nutritional Counseling as Part of Camarillo Chiropractor Complete Wellness Plan

At Camarillo Holistic and Chiropractic Health Center we take a "whole person" approach to wellness for all of our patients, from pediatric care to geriatric care. Instead of just treating symptoms, we look for underlying causes of pain and fatigue. And we also provide advice on iStock_000006248594Medium.jpgstaying well and living the best life possible. Some patients are surprised to see that we offer nutritional counseling, but this is just one more tool in our care kit to help you get well and stay healthy.

Sometimes allergies are the cause of a variety of symptoms. A patient's complaints of fatigue, insomnia, weakness or overall pain may cause some medical professionals to resort to prescription medication, but many of these symptoms can be caused by undiagnosed allergies. Dr. Aylor, DC is certified in the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. If our Camarillo Chiropractor believes allergies are the cause of your symptoms he may use this natural method for regaining health, or may recommend that you detox and cleanse your body to rid it of any allergens. Then he may provide nutritional counseling to help find a diet that does not contain any aggravating substances so you can eliminate your fatigue and live a symptom-free life.

Pediatric Care for Children with ADHD and Children with Autism

Pediatric care is an important part of our practice. Children with undiagnosed allergies may experience many of the same symptoms as adults and can also benefit from nutritional children with adhdcounseling. Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are often seen as having an inability to pay attention and experience problems focusing on given tasks. Dr. Aylor can review your child's diet and make recommendations as to whether any foods should be eliminated or whether any supplements should be added, such as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help control some of the ADHD symptoms. Some of the additives, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in today's processed foods may also be aggravating your child's symptoms, so he may recommend our wellness partner, Standard Process, for whole food supplements.

Dr. Aylor also provides pediatric care for children with autism. Sufferers may fall anywhere on the spectrum for this disorder with symptoms ranging from difficulties with speech, social anxiety, sensory overload, and ritualistic movements. Some also demonstrate the same levels of hyperactivity as ADHD children. Many autistic children have a severe sensitivity to wheat and dairy products, and also suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms that may be caused by an allergy, gluten intolerance or casein sensitivity. Nutritional therapy can be a major factor to help improve digestion, balance blood sugar levels, increase essential fats, provide necessary vitamins, and eliminate metal contaminants from the body.

If you're suffering from fatigue, insomnia, pain, or a lack of energy that doctors haven't been able to diagnose, the problem may be in your stomach and not your head. Dr. Aylor, DC @ Camarillo Holistic and Chiropractic Natural Care Center can help you find the nutritional program that is exactly right for you.